The kettle that looks like Adolf Hitler

In an example of not being able to un-see something after you’ve seen it once, commuters in California can relax if they had a feeling of unease after returning home recently. A driver has removed that nagging feeling after posting a picture of a giant freeway billboard advertising a kettle that strongly resembles Adolf Hitler. … [Read the full story]

Get paid for your facial fuzz

Beard growing enthusiasts could soon be raking in the cash should this fuzzy thinking advertising concept take off. Aside from keeping your face warm and looking cool (sometimes), your bushy beard could also help boost your bank balance. Beardvertising has been tipped to become the ‘next big thing’ in advertising and involves using a willing … [Read the full story]

Adele wins three gongs at the Billboard awards

Adele has picked up three gongs at the Billboard magazine awards in the US. The Skyfall singer was named top artist of 2012 and top female artist…while her hit record 21 took the top album. She is the first entertainer to win both top artist titles two years in a row. It crowns another great … [Read the full story]