The Dandy Highwayman rides again

With his outlandish dress sense, striking make-up and eccentric music, Adam Ant became one of the greatest stars of the 80’s. But decades of mental health problems…being sectioned twice and battling depression…took their toll and he seemed to disappear into musical oblivion. Now, however, the singer say’s he put his demons behind him, and he’s … [Read the full story]

Charlie Sheen causes chaos on Bipolar Awareness march

Hell raiser Charlie Sheen launched a bizarre rant at a “bipolar awareness” march…before insisting he didn’t have the condition. The Two and a Half Men star, 45, wore a hat emblazoned with the words “I’m not bipolar” as he led fans on the walk through Toronto. But he caused chaos in the streets when he … [Read the full story]

Ruby Wax and Judith Owen both slept with Mr Burns…are they Losing It?

She was the brash, bullying queen of comedy who made a career out of being rude. So who would be brave or stupid enough to share a stage with Ruby Wax? The U.S. star’s new show, Ruby Wax: Losing It, is an account of the comedienne’s battle to admit and overcome bipolar disorder. It was … [Read the full story]