Who’ll be Ozzie News ‘She’s hot 2012’ – vote now

Hello and welcome to the first, and hopefully many, She’s hot 2012. This is where you all get the chance to vote for who you think was, and is, the hottest babe on Ozzie News for 2012. The criteria is anything you want it to be. You may like the artistic pose, the quality of … [Read the full story]

Your last chance to save Earth as we know it

An international consortium of more than 8,000 scientists have called for urgent help to save Earth’s 100 most threatened animals, plants and fungi. While Nature has always operated by survival of the fittest, humanity’s increasing need for space is adding to the stresses on the natural kingdom. The report blamed a loss of habitat, caused … [Read the full story]

Davo’s quote of the day

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.

She’s hot

You’ve been out and you got lucky. You met a girl and she put out……..the trouble is, you were so drunk, you can’t remember who she was or what she looked like. You walk into the kitchen….and…… …….this is what you’d want to find………a gorgeous bird who’s taken responsibility and wants to cook you breakfast. … [Read the full story]

Bird looks like Ringo Starr

Birdwatchers were all a flutter when they saw this grebe sporting the sort of mop-top hairdo that would make Ringo Starr proud. The bird was caught on camera in East Colorado, America, after what must  have been a Hard Day’s Flight. Quite why this particular western grebe has taken its cue from The Beatles is … [Read the full story]

Tony’s Quiet Time

Hello, and welcome to you all. It’s been a while since my last ‘long weekend’ when I took a break from it all. When I got back to the city I got home and started to think. What am I doing with my life? Am I healthy…well, I’m a lot healthier than a lot of … [Read the full story]