Alfred Hitchcock and his Birds

Behind the camera, his pendulous lips exhaling bad breath and extraordinarily obscene jokes in a lugubrious Cockney accent, stood the corpulent figure of Alfred Hitchcock, acknowledged as cinema’s master of murder, mayhem and suspense. In front of the camera, poised, elegant, remote, and seemingly unattainable, reclined the exquisitely beautiful Tippi Hedren, his latest star, and … [Read the full story]

Simon Cowell confirms dating Carmen Electra

Multi-millionaire X Factor boss Cowell, 53, confirmed this month that he has begun dating busty former Playboy model and Baywatch babe Carmen Electra. US basketball legend Dennis Rodman, who spent five torrid months married to the American beauty, described her as every man’s dream. And he warned Cowell she has a passion for kinky sex … [Read the full story]

Rihanna can make straight chicks into bisexuals

Rihanna has boasted she can turn straight women bisexual. The Rude Boy star, who was pictured tucking cash into a stripper’s knickers last week, made the claim on Twitter. She tweeted: “Guarantee to turn a square into a Bi bitch!!!” The brag was a twist on an E-40 song, Function, which features the line: “Guarantee … [Read the full story]

Flamboyant Freddie Mercury didn’t give a damn

As Long as I live, I’ll never forget my first seeing Queen play live. After the gig, apparently Freddie Mercury stormed into his dressing room,  picked up a clothes  iron and hurled it at a full-length mirror, smashing it to pieces. Well, he’s obviously  not superstitious! The outburst had been sparked by a faulty microphone … [Read the full story]

Mel B and husband get ‘horny’ with stripper

A Kings Cross stripper has come forward claiming to have had a spicy night with self-titled “horny” couple Mel B and her husband Stephen Belafonte last weekend, saying they invited her back to their hotel room … and she accepted. The table dancer, who asked not to be named, said the raunchy reality TV star … [Read the full story]