Woman kicked out by boyfriend on Street View

Google Street View has captured many awkward moments in the past but the latest image of a woman supposedly being kicked out by her boyfriend could be the most embarrassing yet. An acrimonious split from a partner is always hard to take but in this case the pain was made worse by the fact it … [Read the full story]

The winner to the ‘Classic One-Liner’ quiz

Well, this little competition took a while to get going…but after a while, we were getting a lot of entries, so the competition was left open a little longer. First, we’ll give you the answers, and after, the winner and their result. 1. We’re gonna need a bigger boat. – JAWS 2. She places the … [Read the full story]

Davo’s quote of the day

‘Yo bitch…we’ve done that dance already’

Guess these 30 classic one-liners

Here are some of the best one liners in films. We thought that you might be able to guess the film and character or actor from where these classic one-liners come from. It has to be said, that some are pretty easy, but some could be in a number of films. There are 30 one … [Read the full story]

Rihanna can make straight chicks into bisexuals

Rihanna has boasted she can turn straight women bisexual. The Rude Boy star, who was pictured tucking cash into a stripper’s knickers last week, made the claim on Twitter. She tweeted: “Guarantee to turn a square into a Bi bitch!!!” The brag was a twist on an E-40 song, Function, which features the line: “Guarantee … [Read the full story]

Model speaks out about abuse from Jewish husband

A mother of four has spoken out about her ordeal at the hands of an Orthodox Jewish community- saying she was trapped in an abusive arranged marriage for six years. Pearlperry Reich, 30, says she was pushed into an arranged marriage with Sinai Meir Sholz in her home of Borough Park in Brooklyn, New York … [Read the full story]

Does your diet make you a bitch?

Everyone makes the odd bitchy comment now and again…it’s totally normal. But if every morning you find yourself snapping at the bus-driver and telling your long suffering man he’s a loser, it may be time to rethink your diet. Your diet at the moment could be making you mean. Food isn’t just something that fills … [Read the full story]

Dad-rocker Dave Grohl…hero or bitch?

The Foo Fighters made their latest album in Dave Grohl’s garage…so he could feed his kids and take them to nursery in between recording sessions. But despite being immersed in bottles and wet wipes, the doting dad is adamant he’s still rock ‘n’ roll. He says, “I always wanted to be a parent but I … [Read the full story]

Britney Spears performs live…well, she doesn’t sing live, does she

She’s been out of the pop limelight playing the doting mother and living the homebody lifestyle for the past year. But you can’t keep a good pop star down for long, as Britney Spears recently proved. The singer took to the stage in Las Vegas last week for her first live performance since the end of … [Read the full story]

Robbery by a woman who is 8 months pregnant

A woman was jailed after battering two sisters in a pub brawl…and she was eight and a half months pregnant. Emma Dawkins, 29, started the fight in Middlesbrough, north England, last May after demanding money from her two victims. Correct me if I’m wrong, but going out robbing innocent people isn’t in the anti-natal booklets … [Read the full story]