A ghost attacked my wife

A US man who was arrested on charges of assaulting his wife has told police that a ghost was actually responsible for the attack. Michael F. West, 41, from Wisconsin, was charged this week with strangulation, battery, disorderly conduct and resisting or obstructing an officer. He was arrested after police were called to his home … [Read the full story]

All Black drunken Zac locked up on Cook Islands

All Blacks winger Zac Guildford has apologised for a drunk and disorderly night in Rarotonga which ended with him being locked up in a police cell. A naked and bleeding Guildford allegedly ran into Trader Jacks bar on the island on Thursday night, punching one man who asked if he needed help and then hitting … [Read the full story]

Don’t answer your phone at the movies…especially in California

Every movie theatre seems to have one, and if you go to the movies, you know exactly who I’m talking about. It’s the person who takes calls during the movie. In California, a man complained about a woman making those calls, who then left the theatre with two men, one of whom returned and stabbed … [Read the full story]

Dear Woosy – Mysterious rectal bleeding

Dear Woosy, I have been with my boyfriend for about 4 years off and on. About 3 1/2 years ago he started bleeding from his rear after using the bathroom. He went to the doctor and they told him that his lining was torn, but I don’t know why. He eats out a lot and … [Read the full story]