Blind biker sets new world speed record

Every corner’s a blind bend for this motorcyclist. But Stuart Gunn’s inability to see where he’s going has not prevented him from setting a new world speed record. He became the fastest blind and disabled biker on the planet after hitting 167.1mph on Saturday. His father, Geoff, rides alongside him and uses an intercom system … [Read the full story]

Lost blind dog found its way home in Alaska

A dog that is blind got lost in Alaska with winter temperatures far below freezing has been found and returned home. After walking 16 kilometres, eight-year-old Abby was found and returned to her owners. “It’s a miracle,” McKenzie Grapengeter said. The blind dogs name is Abbey, and it disappeared on December 13 and turned up … [Read the full story]

I’m thinking of getting a Labrador…

Tommo says “Jack, I’m thinking of buying a Labrador”. ”Sod that” says Jack, “have you seen how many of their owners go blind?”  

Man serenades blind elephants with Beethoven

Elephants never forget, according to the saying – and these ones will always remember when Briton Paul Barton serenaded them with Beethoven. Mr Barton, 50, dragged his piano up a mountain in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, to help raise money for blind elephants. He said: ‘It was a 50th birthday present to myself. My wife and I … [Read the full story]

A good wanking done by someone else helps RLS

Some say it makes you go blind. Others reply that hey, the lights are out anyway, and I need some sleep. Yes, we’re talking about masturbation. And later, about how doing it more often can be good for your health. Particularly if you suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome… a condition that causes as much consternation … [Read the full story]

Blinding commentary on the Ashes

Cricket pundit, Dean Du Plessis, gives radio listeners in Zimbabwe a ball by ball match report on the Ashes…even though he’s blind. How does that work? And how would you know if he was telling you what’s really going on if you’re listening to the radio. However he does it…he must have a great imagination. … [Read the full story]