Are blow-up dolls and Amy Childs the same?

Can you spot the difference? The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs DOES look like a blow-up doll. I’ve actually been with Amy once…that’s MET her…not what your dirty minds are thinking. I don’t remember much of the conversation we had. I wasn’t pissed, I just couldn’t stop looking at her plastic tits. But she … [Read the full story]

Blow-up doll prank gets teen arrested

A mischievous high school student who was arrested after he left an inflatable sex doll in the girls bathroom and sparked a bomb scare says authorities are ‘blowing’ the incident out of proportion. Rushville High School senior Tyell Morton could face up to eight years in jail after he was caught by security camera’s walking … [Read the full story]

Tony’s Quiet Time

Good evening to you all. Oh yeah, it’s been tough at the warehouse today. The boss had teams of us running around for a package that hadn’t been delivered, and we had to find it. We hunted high and low and after 5 hours of searching…we found it. The boss opened it up and it … [Read the full story]