Is stress catching?

Does your boss (or husband) make you tense up just by walking in the room?  Until six months ago, Julie Hall loved her job. She had been with the firm for three years, got on with her colleagues and thrived on the challenges of working in a busy HR department. Then a new manager arrived … [Read the full story]

Job seekers being judged on body language

Job candidates make plenty of body language mistakes during interviews, including not smiling enough. Shifty eyes, reluctant smiles, and fidgety limbs could hurt your chances of landing a job. According to a survey, 67 percent of hiring managers say that failure to make eye contact is a total dealbreaker during interviews with a potential employee. … [Read the full story]

Feel sexy to get chatted up

Why don’t you get chatted up when you most need it? It’s all to do with the pheremones and body language. When you’re up and feeling sexy, your body lets off a musky scent that others respond to. People are also naturally attracted to confident body language and shy away from people who look vulnerable. … [Read the full story]