Porn stars – then and now

Did you ever wonder what those porn stars would look like years later…you know…the ones that you never got tired of masturbating over? Well now you can see what they look like today. They were all hot, but they just got old…like we all do. And it doesn’t matter how much botox or plastic surgery … [Read the full story]

Man dies after silicone injection into his penis

A fake doctor injected a man’s penis with silicone, killing him, police said. Justin Street visited Kasia Rivera, 34, at her home in New Jersey for the penis enhancement proceedure in May, prosecutors say. But just a day after attending the so-called ‘pumping-party’ the 22-year-old was dead. Street suffered a clot to the lungs and … [Read the full story]

Glamour model Nina Carter at 59 is sexy as ever

At a time when older women such as Joan Collins and Jane Fonda are telling us sex keeps them young and flawless, it’s refreshing to meet a glamour girl who admits the odd bit of machinery is wearing out. Nina Carter, 59 — once half of 1970s pop duo Blonde On Blonde with model Jilly … [Read the full story]

Bicycle pump…face…Caprice

Even after this photo appeared in a magazine, Caprice insists she hasn’t done anything to her face. No botox, no surgery…nothing. Which means the only possible explanation for her looking the way she does, is that she purposely blew up her face with a bicycle pump. by Debbie Dot