In my house, should I let my daughter have sex with her boyfriend?

My 19-year-old daughter has been with her boyfriend for almost a year and they are both supposed to be staying with us for a long weekend in February. My daughter has said she would like them both to be put in the spare room with its double bed. I hope it doesn’t sound ridiculously old … [Read the full story]

Davo’s quote of the day

‘Britney Spears is a cunt…but I’d like to be her boyfriend’

Dear Lily – I need someone to impregnate me

Dear Lily, I thought things were going great with my boyfriend. We have so much in common, have the same wicked sense of humour and laid-back approach to life, and whenever we get together in the bedroom, we’re like two randy sheep rutting in a field. So you can imagine how distraught I was to … [Read the full story]

Dear Lily – My boyfriend wants a threesome

Dear Lily, My boyfriend keeps going on and on about inviting another woman into our relationship. While in principle I don’t object, the woman he has singled out for this role is my mother. Is he right when he says I’m just being on old fuddy-duddy? Lily says – I once made the mistake of … [Read the full story]

Woman kicked out by boyfriend on Street View

Google Street View has captured many awkward moments in the past but the latest image of a woman supposedly being kicked out by her boyfriend could be the most embarrassing yet. An acrimonious split from a partner is always hard to take but in this case the pain was made worse by the fact it … [Read the full story]

How do I get my boyfriend to be romantic?

Dear Lily, After my boyfriend and I have made love, all he does is grunt and go straight to sleep or slope off and play computer games until 3am. I, on the other hand, wish to punctuate our coitus by way of a lingering, romantic conversation whilst wrapped in each others arms until we eventually … [Read the full story]

Dear Lily – My boyfriend’s got a tiny penis

Dear Lily, My new boyfriend is really sweet and fun and attractive. The problem is that he’s got a tiny penis, and I can’t help being slightly repulsed by its meagre dimensions. I’ve told him size doesn’t matter, and that it’s really not that small, but whenever we have sex I find myself secretly balking … [Read the full story]

Dear Mum and Dad…

Dear Mum and Dad, You’ll be happy to hear that I’ve recently left my boyfriend Abdul. I know that you didn’t approve of him because of his race and the fact he was twenty-one years older than me. But you’ll be also pleased to know that I met a nice Australian boy from Sydney when … [Read the full story]

Are you too sexually overwhelming?

You may have been going out with your boyfriend for two years now and, in many ways, he’s probably perfect for you…with one caveat. Although he’s very loving, when we’re in bed he feels less engaged and doesn’t seems to experience the heights of passion you do. He has admitted he finds your intensity a … [Read the full story]

Neve Campbell is pregnant with her first child

Scream star Neve Campbell is pregnant with her first child. The actress, 38, surprised photographers in Los Angeles on Thursday when she  showed off a baby bump while running errands, and a representative has now confirmed the happy news. The father is Neve’s boyfriend, actor J.J. Feild…whom she has been dating since last year. It was … [Read the full story]

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