Big Belle’s Idiots Chocolate Mousse

This is a very easy recipe for chocolate mousse that even a man could cook. No multi-tasking so no moaning. Ingredients: 300g Dark Chocolate( spend money and get the good stuff or it will taste like shit) 3 eggs 1/4cup of caster sugar 1tbs cocoa powder 300mls cream plus whipped cream to serve( or throw … [Read the full story]

Is this the world’s smallest dog?

Tiny weeny Gracie is up for the title of the world’s smallest dog. The pug is just 6in long and weighs one pound six ounces which is four ounces less than the Guinness World Record holder, Brandy the chihuahua. Vets think the five-month-old is suffering from dwarfism. Pugs are normally at least 10in high but … [Read the full story]