Hugh Heffner and Crystal Harris are back on

Despite everything she put him through, Hugh Hefner, 86, has become engaged AGAIN to 26-year-old Playboy bunny Crystal Harris. Harris ran off from the Playboy Mansion in June 2011…just five days before their big day, she then tried to pawn her engagement ring and fight the octogenarian for custody of their dog. It’s reported, ‘Harris … [Read the full story]

Nun caught nicking a beer on CCTV

A nun has been caught on CCTV stealing a beer. That’s right…a nun. But is the image of a Bride of Christ helping herself to some amber nectar too good to be true?   The Sister was filmed walking up to a fridge in a  convenience store and taking out a can. She then checks … [Read the full story]

Bride breaks record by wearing 3-kilometer veil

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of an Italian town to watch a bride walk down the aisle – followed by a full 3 kilometers of veil. Elena de Angelis decided to turn heads on her big day by adding the world record accessory to her ceremonial outfit. Some 600 people were required … [Read the full story]

Schizophrenic man stabbed his bride to death

A schizophrenic man was jailed for twelve years for stabbing his Vietnamese bride to death. The pair met through an international dating agency, prompting calls for tougher controls.