Damon and Noel share a public cuddle…aah

Damon Albarn and Noel Gallagher look to have finally buried the hatchet after years of feuding. The Britpop icons shared a hug and drank together after the Brits on Tuesday, putting to bed their previously acrimonious relationship. They were aboard the boat on the Thames record label EMI had hired for their post-ceremony bash. “It’s … [Read the full story]

Gorillaz ready to release ‘Do Ya Thing’

Gorillaz have announced that they will release a new track called ‘DoYaThing’ later this month. The band have teamed up with Outkast’s Andre 3000 and LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy for the song, which was recorded for Converse’s ‘Three Artists. One Song’ campaign and will be available as a free download from their website on February … [Read the full story]

Damon and Noel go for a friendly pint together

Noel Gallagher has revealed that he has finally made up with Damon Albarn after their spat during the height of Britpop in the mid-’90s. The pair haven’t spoken in over 15 years following the war of words between Blur and Oasis which kicked off in 1995 when they went head-to-head in the singles chart and … [Read the full story]

Blur are recording a new album

Blur have been meeting up “regularly” and recording again, Damon Albarn has confirmed. In an interview, the Gorillaz man revealed that the Britpop band recorded a spoken word piece with poet Michael Horovitz earlier this year. The track was put together in response to the brief threat that this year’s Notting Hill Carnival would be … [Read the full story]

The Primitives still ‘Crash’-ingly wonderful

Some might say that they were unlucky to arrive when Rave first turned up on our doorsteps. But I think it was a good thing. It was a time when white men took Ecstacy and thought they could dance. These E heads also thought they new about music. So it wasn’t so unlucky when The … [Read the full story]