Peter Andre inconsolable as his brother dies

Katie Price has tweeted her support to ex husband Peter Andre after the death of his brother Andrew, who lost his battle with kidney cancer aged just 54. Andrew passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning with Peter and the rest of the Andre family by his bed side. Katie, whose children Princess … [Read the full story]

The ramblings of Jim Aborwhear

Whilst conversing with my brother he mentioned the Lancaster 4 barrelled pistol (don’t ask me HOW we came to discuss such, it just happened, we’re brothers the range of subjects we will discuss and the jumps of topic are limitless and completely illogical to non-Aborwhear’s). Got home and thought I would look it up, after … [Read the full story]

One of the worst dates in history

This could be one of the worst dates in modern history. Hiren Pinaken Shah, 22, took pictures of himself and a female friend engaging in sexual intercourse and allegedly sent said pictures to several contacts in the woman’s phone. Those contacts included the woman’s mother and 14-year-old brother, a police report says. According to the … [Read the full story]

Natasha Giggs is a stupid whore…so is Ryan

Natasha Giggs says she’s been left ‘devastated’ after her secret affair with her brother-in-law Ryan Giggs was revealed. Talking for the first time since the scandal broke, she said that her ‘fantasy’ lifestyle has been brought crashing down to earth. Breaking her silence after returning from Majorca where she fled with her two sons in … [Read the full story]

Hood surrendered on live TV after holding hostages for four days

A man who held nine hostages in his Georgia apartment for four days gave himself up after cops let him surrender on live TV. Jamie Hood, the man accused of killing a Georgia police officer, reportedly told cops that he was sorry for the shooting as he was being taken in to custody. “I regret … [Read the full story]

Disrespectful if Pantera reform

Ex-Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul has spoken about why the band will never reform. Darrell ‘Dimebag’ Abbott, the band’s guitarist and Paul’s brother, was shot and killed on stage in December 2004. Paul said there is no chance the remaining members will play together as Pantera because of the loss of the guitarist, despite over six … [Read the full story]

‘Too old for kids’ Sir Elton wants more children

Sir Elton John and David Furnish are considering plans to become parents to a second child. The couple’s son Zachary was born only a week ago, on Christmas Day, but friends say the pair have already discussed adding to their family. They say that film producer Mr Furnish, who has two brothers, Peter and John, … [Read the full story]

Dear Woosy – My brother’s rooting my girlfriend

Dear Woosy, I’m so upset with my twin brother and my girlfriend that I just don’t know what to do! “Staci” and I have been going together since junior year of high school and she’s the only girl I’ve ever loved. We’re both 20 now and lately we’ve been talking about marriage. I thought everything … [Read the full story]

All that money and Coleen Rooney still has a whinge

Coleen Rooney is sunning herself in Dubai and drinking $60 glasses of champagne. But she still whinged to a guest at the 7 star hotel, “We deserved a break”. Is life too stressful with Wayne’s increased wages of $450,000 a week? You must have so much shopping to do…honestly love, I don’t know how you … [Read the full story]