Gay marriage may be bad for future eventualities

I was intrigued by the news this week when the view was introduced, that Gay marriage spelled disaster for Australia. In 1962 the gay population was generally a small percentage of the adult voting minority. Now fifty years later the percentage increase is enormous. If the increase in growth was to be sustained, we could … [Read the full story]

A woman was sun-bathing in the park…

A woman was sun bathing in the park this afternoon, because it was very hot and sunny. And this kid came up to her…holding a bottle. The boy said to the woman, “Hey lady, do you want some of this on your back…you’ll go really brown”. The woman said, “What is it?” The boy replied, “Gravy”.

Over 100 year old meat for sale?

Auctioner Charles Hanson was calledin to make his strangest ever evacuation…two ham chops left hanging in a farmhouse since 1885. The slabs of meat were discovered in the attic by the propertys owner inDerby. They have turned brown and powdery and will not be going on sale.

Ronaldo brown noses Mourinho

Cristiano Ronaldo returns from injury and coach Jose Mourinho recons his stars at Real Madrid are ready to claim the Champions League trophy this season. Real have not won the trophy since 2002 and have crashed out at the last 16 stage for the past six seasons but optimism is high following the recruitment of … [Read the full story]