Davo’s quote of the day

Two bulls walking through a paddock full of cows. The young bull says, ‘Let’s run down the hill and fuck one of those cows’. The old bull says, ‘Let’s walk down the hill and fuck ALL the cows’.

NSW have been carrying Aussie cricket for years

Queenslander Bulls batsman Peter Forrest was a key selection, but he grew up in Windsor and played his junior cricket for Hawkesbury. Tasmania, meanwhile, have six Blues imports. Ed Cowan attended Cranbrook and played for the Blues before heading to Tasmania and earning a Test call-up. He plays alongside NSW-bred players Steve Cazzulino,Brendan Drew, Jackson … [Read the full story]

Bulls shot in Spain

Cops shot and killed eighteen young bulls…after they escaped from a slaughterhouse near Seville in southern Spain.

Doggers are up to their bulls in it

A notorious lay-by in Puttenham, UK, where doggers  search for all types of sex is causing much anger amongst local residents. Even school kiddies are being exposed to couples bunking off in the lay-by or in the field next door. The local council have decided to grab the “bulls” by the horns and have released … [Read the full story]