Judge ordered man to ‘refrain from having sex’

A man who has fathered nine children has been told by a judge to stop procreating. Corey Curtis, of Racine, Wisconsin, USA, has been ordered to stop breeding as a condition of probation until he can financially support his nine children from six different women. Racine County Judge Tim Boyle sentenced Curtis to the rare … [Read the full story]

The stupidest criminal of all time

A man has been charged with burglary his court-ordered GPS ankle monitor led police straight to him. It’s been reported that Wilbert Matheney, 48, a registered sex offender, allegedly broke into a home wearing a global tracking device strapped to his ankle, “Lo and behold, the GPS tracker put Matheney in the victim’s home on … [Read the full story]

Halle Berry’s ‘stalker’ finally convicted

Halle Berry can breathe a sigh of relief today after a man convicted of stalking her was put behind bars. Richard Franco was given a 386-day prison sentence in Los Angeles. But the 27-year-old will be a free man in just six months even though he was arrested for scaling the wall of her Hollywood … [Read the full story]

Jon Bon Jovi’s house is burgled…but at least his hair-spray wasn’t taken

Raiders stole $100,000 worth of Jewellery from the wife of bland rocker Jon Bon Jovi, in a burglary at his $25 million mansion. Police say the star’s 15 acre estate was one of at least four luxury homes recently targeted in New Jersey, USA. Nocolas Tracy, 21, was arrested after allegedly tripping an alarm in … [Read the full story]

The worst burglars ever!

If you’re going to commit a burglary, it’s a good idea to have a disguise. However, you should probably do better than this pair of would-be burglars, whose disguise attempts extended to just drawing on their faces with a black marker pen. Matthew Allan McNelly, 23, and Joey Lee Miller, 20 were arrested last Friday … [Read the full story]