On this day…in 2005

On the morning of July 7, 2005, bombs are detonated in three crowded London Underground stations and one bus during the peak of the city’s rush hour. The synchronized suicide bombings, which were thought to be the work of al-Qaida, killed 56 people including the bombers and injured another 700. It was the largest attack … [Read the full story]

Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

Outside smoking a cigarette, minding my own business feeling that sweet poison course through my veins when some drudge from my office walks past with the oh so witty comment, “You know if you keep smoking you’re going to die”. I paused took another drag and replied in what I thought was a perfectly reasonable … [Read the full story]

Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

The sort of clientele on buses aren’t what they used to be. Respect and manners are going out of the window…in fact, they may already be gone. Some crabby, leprous termagant with a face that really reflects a personality devoted to the art of misery sidled up to me on the bus last week and … [Read the full story]

Tommy Taylors SRU

Have I lost my mind? A serious rape on a bus in India has been followed by another multiple rape in India. How, after so much publicity and anger directed at those people who carry out attacks on females in this poverty stricken country, could it happen again? Never mind trials and punishment…these individuals should … [Read the full story]

‘Snakes on a Bus’ – could be a new movie

A bus travelling through central Vietnam was evacuated when dozens of poisonous snakes escaped from a sack. The bus stopped shortly after setting off from Da Nang city on its way to Quy Nhon City after a passenger saw a snake at her feet. “I felt something tickle my legs and saw a snake,” quoted … [Read the full story]

Nymphomaniac tries to kill man with sex

A man was left crying in the street after he was forced to repeatedly pleasure a German nymphomaniac. “I met her on a bus… She invited me back here. Oh God, it was hell. I can’t walk. Please help me,” he told Munich police when they found him in tears outside her apartment after the … [Read the full story]

Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

On the bus Friday morning. Some great hulking brute gets on with a mobile phone as always megaphone voice, “Naaah bruv on the way to the gym innit, I always goes this time cos it ain’t filled with the batty’s, I ain’t a homophone? or nuffin, I’s normal, you know me I like the puss!!”. … [Read the full story]

Davo’s quote of the day

“I’d like to die peacefully in my sleep just like my Grandfather……not screaming like the passengers on his bus”

Flexible thief caught hiding in suitcase

A contortionist used his skills to steal valuables from travellers as they stowed their luggage in the undercarriage of an airport bus, but was eventually caught when his accomplice left him behind. Flexible crook Krzysztof Grzegorz would hop into a suitcase and be placed underneath the Barcelona airport transfer bus by a friend who would … [Read the full story]

Ugly Bus

A bus carrying only ugly people crashes into an oncoming truck, and everyone inside dies. They then get to meet their maker, and because of the grief they have experienced, God decides to grant them one wish each, before they enter paradise. They’re all lined up, and God asks the first one what the wish … [Read the full story]

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