Qantas has 1st annual loss since privatisation

Australian airline Qantas has reported its first annual loss since it was privatised in 1995, amid high fuel costs and growing losses at its international operations. The firm made a net loss of $244m Australian dollars for the year to 30 June. This compares with a net profit of $250m in the previous year. Qantas … [Read the full story]

Angela Mogridge…a breath of fresh air for Peter Andre

I’m a bit sick and tired of the Peter Andre and Jordan saga. Well it’s not really a saga…it’s just two very boring people who’ve ended their relationship together. I can’t believe that the stupid British public are still even remotely interested in this. Jordan was, and still is, about as interesting as a Kevin … [Read the full story]

Lynx to open sexy resort

Lynx, the deodorant giant, is making an even bigger name for itself. The plans have been draughted to open a men-only holiday resort. The resort will have mud wrestling, massages, and sexy wake-up calls from beautiful girls. The Lynx Lodge is going to be advertised as the “ultimate man-action destination” with back rubs and breakfast … [Read the full story]

Drug Lords NOT being green

BRUTAL south-east Asian trafficking gangs are today exposed as the sinister force behind Scotland’s hash farm trade – with £40MILLION of pot already seized by cops. The invasion of the drug lords harvest cannabis in homes across Scotland. In just over four years, police battling the immigrant drug gangs have seized enough plants to cover … [Read the full story]