Eddie the Emu’s strange animal facts

When you touch the wing of a butterfly or moth, some dust seems to rub off on your fingers. This dust is made up of tiny scales. Butterfly wings are clear but covered with tiny scales. These scales serve several  functions. They create the beautiful color  patterns we see, they help in absorbing or reflecting … [Read the full story]

Your last chance to save Earth as we know it

An international consortium of more than 8,000 scientists have called for urgent help to save Earth’s 100 most threatened animals, plants and fungi. While Nature has always operated by survival of the fittest, humanity’s increasing need for space is adding to the stresses on the natural kingdom. The report blamed a loss of habitat, caused … [Read the full story]

Mariah Carey looks hot in Jenny commercial

Mariah Carey can relate to many women’s weight loss journeys.  The 41-year-old singer is seen having a girly pow wow with some real Jenny (formerly Jenny Craig) clients in a new commercial for the company. The mother-of-twins is also seen showing off the results of her 30 pound weight loss following the birth of the … [Read the full story]