The perfume that makes you lose weight

From fad diets to savvy gadgets, there are hundred of products claiming to aid the all-important weight loss. And now, the latest slimming aid comes in the form of a perfume bottle. Prends–moi is the world’s first slimming fragrance from Velds that has been developed at the French perfume house Robertet. Makers claim the fragrance … [Read the full story]

Inhaler takes calories AND fun out of chocolate

Chocolate without any of the calories? It sounds too good to be true, but one Harvard University professor has made it happen. Bio-mechanical engineer David Edwards has launched AeroShot Chocolate, an inhaler which provides the taste of chocolate in breathable form. Using a small lipstick-sized tube, consumers draw fine particles of chocolate into their mouth … [Read the full story]

Stupid Cops

Twelve men were held in Spain for drug trafficking. The police found 53,000 tablets and thought they were ecstasy pills…but on closer inspection, they were found to be caffeine tablets…DOH!