Amy Winehouse may have street named after her

Amy Winehouse could have a road in north London named after her as a tribute. Residents in Kings Cross, London, have been asked to submit proposals to name a new street in an area which is being redeveloped for a new housing and is close to Winehouse’s former home of Camden. Although other names nominated … [Read the full story]

Amy watched YouTube of herself when she died

It’s been revealed that Amy Winehouse spent her final hours drinking vodka alone in her bedroom and watching YouTube videos of herself, a court was told yesterday. A second inquest confirmed the 27-year-old died of alcohol poisoning at her north London home on July 23, 2011. Miss Winehouse drank so much that she stopped breathing … [Read the full story]

Why hate the Manic Street Preachers?

Gentlemen, gentlemen, I don’t have any truck with tripe stadium rockers, especially the Who and, to me, their dreadful, unspeakable crimes against music and fashion in the 1970’s when stadium rock ruled music. But I can’t agree that the Manic Street Preachers are awful, save that for bands like Oasis. I saw the Manics loads … [Read the full story]

Amy Winehouse home up for sale

Amy Winehouse’s home has been put up for sale by her family for $4 million. The street outside three-bedroom house in Camden, North London, was turned into a shrine for the late singer after her death in June 2011. Her relatives have said they are placing the house on the market as it would be … [Read the full story]

Pete Doherty haunted by Amy Winehouse

He told pals the 27-year-old’s spirit visited him three or four times at his flat close to where she died in Camden in July. Doherty claims he saw ghostly images in his bedroom and her reflection in his windows late at night. The Babyshambles frontman, 32, who was a friend of the Back to Black … [Read the full story]

Amy brought $2000 of drugs the night she died

A London drug fixer claims he helped Amy Winehouse buy £1,200 of crack cocaine and heroin the night before she died. Tony Azzopardi, who is due to be re-interviewed by police today, alleged he helped the late singer buy the Class A narcotics in the early hours of July 23rd…the same day she was found … [Read the full story]

Wino looks sober…makes a change

She cancelled her European tour after being booed off stage in Serbia following a disastrous performance which demonstrated to everyone that she clearly hadn’t beaten her battle with drink and drugs. But after keeping a low profile for the past three weeks Amy Winehouse has been spotted out and about in London. The 27-year-old singer was seen … [Read the full story]

Suede are reforming

Suede have reformed to perform at the O2, London, in December. But what about after the gig? What happens next? Suede front-man Brett Anderson reckons that every band that’s ever reformed has been rubbish the second time around. Well Brett, that’s not strictly true. Of course  it’s just opinionated drivel but when the Sex Pistols … [Read the full story]

Pete Doherty living in a Wine-house

AMY WINEHOUSE and PETE DOHERTY living together is the worst idea I’ve heard in months. Just when the pair are getting their lives and careers back on track, Wino invites her old boozing buddy to move in with her. The Back To Black singer has offered THE LIBERTINES frontman a room in her new Camden … [Read the full story]

Boozy Wino clashes with Barton in pub

Hellraisers Amy Winehouse and Mischa Barton were at each other in Camden, North London earlier this week. The pair clashed during Wino’s 16-hour bender that began on Monday afternoon. Wino stumbled into The Hawley Arms at around 8pm, the newly teetotal Hollywood starlet Barton blasted her for being off her nut at such an early hour. Barton … [Read the full story]