Mayor walks face first into TV camera

Standing in the political spotlight proved to be rather painful for Toronto mayor Rob Ford when he walked face first into a TV camera. The Canadian politician was left with a bruised ego and sore head after a TV crew member took close-up camera work to the extreme. He was rushing out of a committee … [Read the full story]

Android smartphones to take over the world

Android smartphones have taken the fight to Apple after launching the first quad-core handsets that work faster than iPhones. HTC, LG and Huawei all showcased the new technology – which will be released later this year – at the Mobile World Congress fair in Barcelona. The phones, which all use Android 4.0 operating systems, should … [Read the full story]

Adriana Lima shines in Super Bowl commercials

With NBC charging around $3.5million for a 30 second advert, it’s not surprising brands wanted to make their commercials stand out during the Super Bowl. And what better way to seduce the eyes of close to a hundred million viewers around the globe than by using Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima getting ready for a … [Read the full story]

Hackers find hidden feature in iPhone

Hackers claim to have unlocked a secret photo function for the new iPhone and iPad. Gadget enthusiasts claim to have found a feature which allows users to take panoramic pictures using the camera on the device. Photos posted on websites show the new function in action on devices which run Apple’s latest iOS5 firmware. Some … [Read the full story]

Smile for the camera

It must be awfully lonely being the world’s most famous grinning dog – but luckily for Smiley Riley, we think we may have found him a new best friend who just happens to have an equally brilliant smile. The hilarious picture above has become an internet sensation after it was posted online by the dog’s … [Read the full story]

The most expensive camera ever

A rare Leica from 1923 fetched $1.5 million at an auction in Austria, making it the most expensive camera ever sold.

Wayne Rooney is a liability…oh yeah, and a dickhead

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney is facing a two-match ban after being charged by England’s Football Association on Monday for swearing into a television camera while celebrating a goal during a Premier League match. The England international shouted an expletive directly into the camera after converting a penalty to complete his hat trick in United’s … [Read the full story]

The Royal Gangster

Cheeky John Bindon’s T-shirt says that he enjoys cocaine, with Princess Margaret on Mustique in a typical holiday photograph. He certainly did like cocaine…heroin, too In the sexually liberating Seventies, Mustique was a private island where the rich and famous could basically do what they liked, when they liked. These are the days when you … [Read the full story]