‘I’ve never seen anything like it’, says Buford

I’ve been an award writing sports journalist for a while, and I’ve watched alot of sport…from tiddlywinks to women mud wresting in Alabama. But I have never seen…and probably will never see again, what I saw when Barcelona played Bayer Leverkusen. Lionel Messi becomes the first player in UEFA Champions League history to score five … [Read the full story]

Spanish giants fight for Fab

Real Madrid are set to swoop on Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas and take him from the clutches of bitter rivals Barcelona. The Gunners have set a $76.5 million price tag for Fabregas and both Real and Barca are expected to tussle for his services. Spanish reports say that Fabregas, not for the first time, is eyeing off … [Read the full story]