Cat runs for mayor of Mexican state capital

As political animals go, this one hopes he will be grinning like a Cheshire Cat come election day. A feline by the name of Morris is in the running to be mayor of Veracruz state capital Xalapa, in Mexico. Armed with a paw-ful of policies, he has been put forward as the citizen’s candidate in … [Read the full story]

Giordano joins campaign against Ozzie wool

Hong Kong clothing chain Giordano became the latest brand to join a campaign against Australian wool over allegations of cruelty to sheep, in a bid welcomed by activists. Animal rights groups have campaigned against “mulesing”, the practice of cutting a slice of flesh from lambs’ rear ends to prevent the animal dying of flystrike — the … [Read the full story]

Pamela Anderson just hates fur…and hair, and stuff

Pamela Anderson is on a mission in Israel, to meet and persuade religious leaders to ban the use of fur. Of course she’s on a campaign, as every woman should be. The women of today don’t like fur…any sort of fur…especially on their body. If there’s even a glimpse of a spiders leg sticking out … [Read the full story]