Alzheimer’s sufferer found with maggots in her ear

The family of an elderly woman whose ear was infested with almost 60 maggots is suing her nursing home for negligence and emotional distress. Catherine McCann, 92, from Chicago, has severe Alzheimer’s and because she is unable to speak or care for herself, her husband pays $10,000-a-month for her to live in a skilled nursing … [Read the full story]

Film News

Yes, I know I promised to stay stum until the Oscar films were released over Christmas, but the first Oscar film is now out. You should all know by now, the film-makers wait until Christmas and New Year to release films they expect to get a nomination. All the great films came out months ago. … [Read the full story]

Jean-Claude van Damme drives into a canal by mistake

Hollywood star Jean-Claude van Damme drove into a canal after leaving a disco. Then he tried to show off his strength by hauling the half-sunken vehicle out on his own. Eventually the former kick-boxing champ gave up and asked members of the nightclub’s security staff to help. Van Damme, 50, then drove off after accusing … [Read the full story]