Woman pleads guilty to having sex with a dog

Disgusting Jennifer Louise Driscoll has pleaded guilty to bestiality after having sex with a dog. Judge Terry Martin at Brisbane District Court said that this woman’s acts were ‘repulsive and goes against the order of nature’. Defence lawyer said that Driscoll had been publicly shamed and had sex with the dog (believed to be a Pit … [Read the full story]

Police officers farts lead to cannabis factory

A cannabis factory was sniffed out by police after they wound down their car windows to escape the smell when one officer kept breaking wind. The team noticed a second strange scent as they sucked in the welcome fresh air, and tracked it down to a house. ‘They asked their colleague in the back what … [Read the full story]

High-strength cannabis to be reclassified

The famous cannabis-selling coffee shops of the Netherlands are facing new tighter restrictions. Much of the higher-strength cannabis in Holland will have to be removed from sale in coffee shops The Dutch government is reclassifying high-strength cannabis to put it in the same category as hard drugs. It says the amount of the main active … [Read the full story]

Gaga makes me Gag-gag, she’s NOT a good role model

Given her provocative dress sense which often leaves her modesty on show and the sexual connotations of her dance moves and her clothing you could be forgiven for questioning Lady Gaga’s recent remarks. But it seems that while the singer is happy to walk around almost naked she is appealing to her young female fans … [Read the full story]

Beam me up…man…

A Star Trek nut was baffled when the flat he modelled on the Starship Voyager was hit by mould. Tony Alleyne, 57, spent $50,000 basing his home on the famed spaceship. But he finally found the reason for the fungus when police discovered a cannabis factory in the flat below in Hinckley, England. Heat from … [Read the full story]

Willie Nelson busted for drugs

Country music legend Willie Nelson has been arrested after six ounces of cannabis were found aboard his tour bus. Cops charged the 77 year old star with possession of the drug after the discovery in Texas. They said an officer smelled pot when a door was opened. Nelson was released on $2500 bail. by Wallace … [Read the full story]

George Michael wants his ‘Freedom’

Do not stop at GOGO, it’s straight to jail for George Michael, and it doesn’t matter if he throws a double. George wept yesterday as a judge told him he was a drug addict  – and jailed him for crashing his range rover into a shop. And it’s about time, too. Most of us would … [Read the full story]

Drug Lords NOT being green

BRUTAL south-east Asian trafficking gangs are today exposed as the sinister force behind Scotland’s hash farm trade – with £40MILLION of pot already seized by cops. The invasion of the drug lords harvest cannabis in homes across Scotland. In just over four years, police battling the immigrant drug gangs have seized enough plants to cover … [Read the full story]