Car park demolished around parked vehicle

A driver will probably be bemused when he returns to his vehicle to find the car park around it has vanished. Rather than actually disappearing into thin air, the surrounding area has been demolished after construction workers in Taiyuan, Shanxi, China, grew impatient. They had been waiting for the driver to return for 10 days … [Read the full story]

A toilet was going to be built by remains of King

In the UK, they have discovered the remains of the last English King who died in battle. English slang for a ‘poo’ is ‘Richard the Third’ …’turd’. Put in the context, “I’m going for a Richard”. But funnily enough, the reason the car park (where Richard the 3rd’s remains were discovered) was being dug up, … [Read the full story]

Top Gear in trouble as they park in disabled bay

Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson and James May have driven into trouble yet again…this time for parking in disabled bays during filming of the hit show. In a feature in the new series showed on Channel 9, the pair tried out electric cars by driving them to Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, where they pulled into a car … [Read the full story]

Wolves on the road

Footage has been released showing hungry wolves devouring groceries from shoppers in a Moscow supermarket car park. There are an estimated 30,000 grey wolves in Russia although the country offers the species no legal protection. In fact in some parts of Russia, cash is offered as a reward for killing the animals and their dens.

Blow-up dolls silent after being caught having sex with man

A man was arrested in Florida, when he was”allegedly” caught having sex with blow up dolls in a shopping centre car park. He must have fancied a threesome because there were 2 dolls that he was giving his love to. In the press report that was released by the  police, the man said that he … [Read the full story]