On this day…in 1718

Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard the Pirate, was killed on this day off North Carolina during a bloody battle with the British Navy. Blackbeard, from England, began pirating in 1713. He was a crewman and was under the command of pirate Benjamin Horngold in 1717. Horngold was ofered amnesty by Britain…so he retird as a pirate. … [Read the full story]

Skint Fergie keeps spending

A supposedly skint Sarah Ferguson has been snapped shopping at Hermés on the luxury Caribean island of St Barts…shortly before jetting to Verbier. In her defence, a spokesperson said she had reduced her debts from $8 million to $200,000. The spokesperson added, “But her problem is her generosity and the fact she thinks it’s normal … [Read the full story]