Giant Monopoly board found under carpet

This is probably the last thing you expect to find when undertaking some property DIY. A homeowner was left speechless when he took up his old carpet to discover a giant Monopoly board painted on the floorboards underneath. Every home needs its own version of the classic board game, but most of them you can … [Read the full story]

An emu walks into a bar…

No, seriously. An emu does walk into a bar…and then he shits on the carpet. The rude creature found its way into Denham’s Shark Bay Hotel in Western Australia, catching the attention of patrons. But he managed to escape before Administration Manager Ben Jones got to the scene. “I ran out of the office to … [Read the full story]

Davo’s quote of the day

“Be something…but don’t be a carpet…otherwise you’ll get walked on for your entire life”