Carved cash – wood you believe it?

It’s the sort of stuff you’d imagine finding if you were clearing out the loft of a recently deceased, and absent minded, bank robber. But what looks like a stack of bundled cash is in fact a wooden sculpture. Each has been carved by New York artist Randall Rosenthal using a block of Vermont white … [Read the full story]

$50k donated to charity shop by mistake

A charity shop received an unexpected windfall after being donated a suitcase containing $50,000. Surprised staff at the Pomona thrift shop on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast found the tidy sum in a concealed compartment. The suitcase had been on sale for a bargain $5 before the cash was discovered when a customer brought it to the … [Read the full story]

What has TOG been up to for the past 6 months?

After so many emails from my Ozzie News readers asking where I have been for the past six months, I feel it is only justice if I come clean on my sojourn. I was asked to help create a guest room-come playroom for my grandchildren out of a worn out garage. Now, building, construction and … [Read the full story]

Tommy Taylor’s SRU

What a wonderful Melbourne Cup meeting. The fashions the fantastic horses, and the stars come out to enjoy the fun and hopefully win some cash. Green Moon was outstanding and an easy winner. I expect him to be back next year to win it again.  Excuses for our tip?…you cannot expect him to win when … [Read the full story]

Will there be another war?

Years ago my grandad told me he crossed the world to do battle. Later my dad told me he crossed the world and he also did battle. They went to help their mates fight the Germans…and they won. Today the Germans are again dominating Europe. Not with soldiers, but with cash. The French all elegance … [Read the full story]

Tamara Ecclestone – she’s a spoilt little shit

Tamara Ecclestone shows the world what a spoilt shit she really is by lying naked surrounded by some of her money. The model stripped off to pose for iconic photographer Tyler Shields in a series of snaps that ooze filthy rich. As well as writhing around on a bed laden with £1million, the 27-year-old also … [Read the full story]

The difference between men and women using ATM’s

The subtle difference between a man and a woman using a drive-through ATM (Automatic Teller Machine). Men:  1. Pull up to ATM 2. Insert card 3. Enter PIN number and account  4. Take cash, card and receipt  Women: 1. Pull up to ATM 2. Check makeup in rearview mirror 3. Shut off engine 4. Put … [Read the full story]

The power of the church stops thieves

Two thieves trying to open a church cash box fled when a statue of St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost things, fell on them in Munich, Germany.

Drug money for Farc

Police arrested forty-one people on suspicion of laundering nearly $300 Australian dollars of drug money to fund Columbia’s militant Farc group. Cash and 250kg of cocaine were also seized in nationwide raids.

Nowadays women haven’t even got time to rob a bank

One afternoon, Erica Anderson, 37, went into an Umpqua Bank branch in Grants Pass, Oregon, and handed the teller a note demanding cash…and also demanded something else. “The note also instructed the teller to wait 15 minutes before calling law enforcement or else two kids wouldn’t make it home from school,” said Detective Sergeant Dennis … [Read the full story]