Princess Diana will be honoured at Wills and Catherines wedding with ‘Guide me, O thou great Redeemer’

The final hymn at Princess Diana’s funeral is to be the first one sung at tomorrow’s wedding ceremony, it has been revealed. ‘Guide me, O thou great Redeemer’ was also played at a memorial service to mark the 10th anniversary of her death. The official programme for the marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton … [Read the full story]

You can’t get away from the Royal Wedding, so there’s no point in getting grumpy

Well, even we have succombed to the Royal Wedding. It’s everywhere and there’s no real way of getting away from it. A friend in London tells me that people are genuinely exited. Well they should be exited…I would be……not for the wedding of course, but because everyone in Britain has been given a day off. … [Read the full story]