New Millipede with 4 cocks and a Sperm-Shoveler

A new Millipede has been discovered. This particular specimen is a male…a female is yet to surface. Found in a California cave, this arthropod has 414 legs and 4 penises – it turns out, it’s 9th and 10th pair of legs have, for one of a better word, been ‘converted’ into the millipede version of … [Read the full story]

Alice Cooper’s mum will fight war on terror

If the US wasn’t already winning the war against terror, it will be now, after being given a boost from Alice Cooper. The rockstar reckons the US should send his mum to find Osama Bin Laden. Cooper said, “She’d find him and she’d make him clean the cave first before they arrested him”. I didin’t … [Read the full story]