Ponting’s career may have just been saved

Former Australia captain Ricky Ponting has cheekily admitted that his innings of 62 in the second Test against South Africa may have gone a long way to saving his career. Ponting has been under fire after failing to register a Test century in almost two years, but diverted some of the scrutiny with a well-made … [Read the full story]

Ponting deserves some respect

First spread rumours about your captain, get the team unsettled, push for changes, add other names to the pot.   Is it fair? Does Ponting deserve to be attacked in the middle of a tournament? He responded like the true captain he is with a century. Pity the players when the rumours  judge the next subject of their … [Read the full story]

Tiger voted biggest love-rat

Tiger Woods has been voted the worst love rat this century. Woods who recently divorced from Elin Nordegren, topped a poll of famous cheats with 30% of womens votes. Wayne Rooney was 2nd, who romped with a hooker while his wife, Coleen, was pregnant. Ronan Keating was 5th. Gordon Ramsay is also in the top … [Read the full story]