Do you know if your other half is a potential cheat?

He’s more likely to cheat if:   1. You earn more than he does – Men who are dependent on their partners for money are five times more likely to cheat. 2. He doesn’t like your family or friends – He’s more likely to stay faithful if he doesn’t want to lose their respect. She’s … [Read the full story]

Married couples cheat when it’s cold

Apparently, the cold weather is driving more married couples to cheat, according to dating website Illicit Encounters, which claims membership is up. People don’t want to go out, so they spend more time on their computers. That must mean that almost every married couple in Northern Europe must be having an affair.

Is cheating in the genes?

By Debbie Dot People who cheat on their partners may do it because it is in their genes, a new study has found. Scientists at State University of New York have discovered that sexual behaviour could be influenced by the presence of the same gene that has been linked to alcohol use and gambling. Lead … [Read the full story]