Demi’s lost even more weight

Gaunt Demi Moore continues to spark fears for her health as she steps out looking shockingly skinny. The usually-glamorous Hollywood star appeared pale and drawn, and hid her painfully-thin figure under a frumpy cardigan and brown trousers. It seems recent marriage woes continue to take their toll on the 49-year-old actress, who clutched an energy … [Read the full story]

Ashton Kutcher’s “better husband list”

Ashton Kutcher has penned a list of ways he can be a better husband in a bid to win back wife Demi Moore’s trust. The actor’s pledges include cutting back on Twitter use, devoting more time to their Kabbalah religion and not flirting with other women. Demi, 48, is heartbroken over claims that Ashton, 33, … [Read the full story]

Top embarrassing moment for Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne has a “top embarrassing moment” that just edges drunkenly puking in the back of a mate’s mum’s car. She told reporters: “Having to tell my parents my ex-fiancé Luke had cheated on me with a tranny was so humiliating. Kelly broke off her engagement to Luke Worrall in 2010 after she found out … [Read the full story]

JC’s had an affair before

Jeremy Clarksons first marriage would end in divorce within a year, but yesterday ex-wife Alex Hall told how they went on to enjoy a ten-year affair after the motoring journalist married second wife Francie. At one point the Top Gear philanderer even told her he had cheated on both of them with a BBC colleague. … [Read the full story]

Dear Woosy – My baby might not be my husband’s

Dear Woosy, I cheated on my husband – only once – but I’m disgusted I could do that to the man I love. I’m 34, he’s 35 and we’ve been together nine years, married for just two. We are very happy, which is what makes it all the worse. I went away for a what … [Read the full story]