Cheating husband gets 10,000 Facebook ‘likes’

A cheating husband has vowed to win back his ex-wife after a Facebook sign about his one-night stand got more than 15,000 ‘likes’. Ivan Lewis needed more than a box of chocolates and some flowers to say sorry to his former partner Sonya Gore after his constant cheating. He was forced to pose with an … [Read the full story]

Kelly Slater questions the testing of marijuana

Surf legend Kelly Slater is happy to submit to random drug tests but has queried whether marijuana should be a punishable offence in sport. The 11-time world champion is in Australia for the start of the ASP World Tour, which started with the Quiksilver Pro. It will be the first event to fall under new anti-doping … [Read the full story]

Dear Woosy – Is my hubbie cheating?

Dear Woosy, My husband often works late but the overtime is not reflected in his pay.  He comes home smelling of ladies’ perfume and sometimes with lipstick on his collar. Sometimes when I answer the phone it just goes dead.  He called me by his secretary’s name three times last week and when we make … [Read the full story]

Buford loves listening to Wozniacki’s grunt

Grunting tennis players won’t be quietening down any time soon, according to Stacey Allaster, the chief executive of the Women’s Tennis Association. World No.1 Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark last week hit out at rival players who grunt while playing, equating the practice to a form of cheating. However the loud noises are part of hitting … [Read the full story]

Gwyneth Paltrow admires marital affairs

As a married mother of two and a self-confessed romantic, Gwyneth Paltrow seems an unlikely person to defend infidelity. But the actress has revealed she can still ‘respect and admire’ those who have cheated on their husbands and wives. The 38-year-old – who has been married to singer Chris Martin for seven years…made the admission … [Read the full story]

Do you know if your other half is a potential cheat?

He’s more likely to cheat if:   1. You earn more than he does – Men who are dependent on their partners for money are five times more likely to cheat. 2. He doesn’t like your family or friends – He’s more likely to stay faithful if he doesn’t want to lose their respect. She’s … [Read the full story]

Eva, don’t listen to Posh

Three cheers for Desperate Houswives star Eva Longoria. She dumped husband Tony Parker after he’d been caught out cheating on her for a year. Eva is best friends with Victoria Beckham who, no doubt, told her to hang on in there/turn a blind eye/don’t believe it. But even though she’s heartbroken, Ms Longoria is still … [Read the full story]