She’s hot

Hello you lovers of the finer things in life – how are ya? She’s hot is back after, what I must say, too much time off. But I have been asked to come back and ‘do the She’s hot’…which is the exact words that were used when asked – amazing diction for what some may … [Read the full story]

She’s hot

Who is this you might ask ! Well, as you know, we go for hot chicks because…this section is called She’s Hot. Today we have a beauty…and, as usual, we don’t know who she is, but we’re sure one of you will let us know. Is that ass just begging to be spanked? Anyway, She’s … [Read the full story]

Chick Farts in car… TV advert

Tony’s Quiet Time

A very good evening to you all. I’ve jacked my job in at the warehouse…there are way too many dickheads that work there. It’s not the working level…they’re all me mates. It’s the management, and project management that I can’t take any more. The warehouse politics are getting me down, so I left. I now … [Read the full story]