Girls you shouldn’t be mates with, but are

It’s always a good idea to have a few female friends. They can give you great insight on the female condition. Well, they’ll be much more valuable references than your drunk buddy that hasn’t had a date in three years. As a matter of fact, any average guy should have at least a handful of … [Read the full story]

Is this the world’s smallest dog?

Tiny weeny Gracie is up for the title of the world’s smallest dog. The pug is just 6in long and weighs one pound six ounces which is four ounces less than the Guinness World Record holder, Brandy the chihuahua. Vets think the five-month-old is suffering from dwarfism. Pugs are normally at least 10in high but … [Read the full story]

Chihuahua needs flamenco-dancing partner

A Spanish chihuahua called ‘El Wily’ has been amusing viewers with his dazzling and super cute Flamenco dancing skills. It’s hard to pick faults with the little pooch who seems like he was born to dance the Flamenco. But we reckon the tiny dancer needs a partner as he looks a little lonely, although it … [Read the full story]