Can you forgive a child killer?

Another week to stretch my patience. I complain about judges who give minor sentences…you know, those wise souls who let out sex offenders and dangerous criminals without any liability for their mistakes. Now I find it is not just wise men and judges in Australia…it’s spreading across the world to other countries.  In Canada, a … [Read the full story]

Vile child killer Jon Venables is addicted to fitness training

Child killer Jon Venables has lost 15 kilos after becoming hooked on fitness training. Vile Venables…convicted along with Robert Thompson of the 1993 murder of toddler James Bulger…saw his weight balloon to 130 kilos after he was recalled to jail last April when he was caught with kiddie porn on his computer. He gorged on … [Read the full story]

Child killer back behind bars

A notorious Western Australia child killer who served 24 years for murdering a mother and son is back behind bars. Robert Barry Pearce killed his ex-girlfriend and her son in 1984. The boy, Jaime Dunderdale was stabbed more than 40 times. Pearce was then involved in a 1990 plot to blow up the walls of … [Read the full story]