Children equals no romance, a new survey reveals

Looking forward to the pitter-patter of tiny feet? Kiss goodbye to romance. A survey of 3,000 parents, found new parents go out together 15 times over the first five years because they feel guilty for wanting time away from their child. by Susan Floyd

Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

I walked past a group of fellow work colleagues in a coffee shop. They were discussing how awful child labour is. As I sat down on a vacant seat at their table, one of them started to talk to me and asked, “Jim, what do you think of child labour?” I replied, “Oh, I think it’s utterly appalling…young children … [Read the full story]

Are our children safe?

It is with sadness I have to repeat my absolute sickness with todays judiciary. Once again a top judge has decided to release into our community a dangerous child molester. Despite being given a long sentence a judge has decided for his own known reasons to let this scum out in our cities. You can … [Read the full story]

Pete Doherty becomes a dad

Yesterday it was revealed that Pete Doherty has fathered a child with a South African model named Lindi Hingston. And today Lindi paraded the six-week-old girl she claims is the daughter of the scruffy rocker. The model, 34, headed to a park in Cape Town where she spent some time posing with the baby, named … [Read the full story]

Brazilian woman falls pregnant at 61

A 61 year old woman expecting her first baby has stirred some controversy in Brazil over just when it might be too late to give birth. The woman in question, whose case has appeared in local media, asked that her name be withheld. She is post-menopausal, married to a man who is 38, and became … [Read the full story]

Children and the ‘nag factor’

It may not surprise many mothers out there, but there’s now scientific proof linking childrens’ ‘nag factors’ and exposure to marketing. The more familiar a child is with a character used in selling the product, the more likely they are to nag parents for that product, according to new research. And that nagging can take … [Read the full story]

I don’t believe the way politicians behave today

I have been resting lately gathering my strength  while persuing the news. All bad news lately, Tsunami, floods, fires and radiation leaks. Then of course there are the politicians…I read with interest about the Prime Minister of the UK telLing the police to investigate the disappearance of a young child in Portugal. The police told … [Read the full story]

World’s hairiest child called ‘wolf girl’

Little Supatra Sasuphan claims being officially recognised as the hairiest girl in the world has boosted her confidence. Supatra had been teased her entire life because of a rare genetic condition causing thick hair to grow all over her face. Two years ago she was tormented by other children calling her ‘monkey face’ and ‘wolf … [Read the full story]

Anyone can be a dad, Elton, but you have to learn to be a father

What possessed Elton John to flaunt his newborn son across the pages of OK! magazine? This is the magazine where C-listers scrap to grab a bit of the limelight together with a big fat cheque. So why did one of the worlds richest men, one of the most famous pop-stars in the world, need to … [Read the full story]

Is giving your baby a bath every night unhealthy?

By Susan Floyd Every night, just before 7pm, I trudge upstairs to run the bath for my three ­children. I have done this religiously since my ­eldest, now eight, was a baby. Like millions of mums, I accept the prevailing parenting doctrine, espoused by best-selling childcare author Gina Ford, Supernanny et al, that a consistent … [Read the full story]

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