Advance Australia, or are we going backwards

About thirty years ago I enjoyed the free spirit of Australia. People spoke up and had their say. They did the right thing, they all pulled together and were not lazy. How far have we advanced today? A beautiful, pre-school, primary school close to where I live has lovely grounds and a sports field. Unfortunately … [Read the full story]

Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

I walked past a group of fellow work colleagues in a coffee shop. They were discussing how awful child labour is. As I sat down on a vacant seat at their table, one of them started to talk to me and asked, “Jim, what do you think of child labour?” I replied, “Oh, I think it’s utterly appalling…young children … [Read the full story]

Ozzie doctors want smacking kids made illegal

A high-profile Australian doctors’ group wants the smacking of children by parents made illegal, sparking debate by professionals about the proposal’s feasibility. The Royal Australasian College of Physicians’ will seek an amendment to legislation to protect children from physical punishment. It is currently legal for parents to use “reasonable” corporal punishment to discipline children, however, … [Read the full story]

Children and the ‘nag factor’

It may not surprise many mothers out there, but there’s now scientific proof linking childrens’ ‘nag factors’ and exposure to marketing. The more familiar a child is with a character used in selling the product, the more likely they are to nag parents for that product, according to new research. And that nagging can take … [Read the full story]

The Danish HAVE to name their children from a government list

Did you know in Denmark, all Danish parents can only name their children from a pre-approved government list of 3000 names for boys and 4000 names for girls. In Denmark, a country that embraces rules with the same gusto that Italy defies them, choosing a first and last name for a child is a serious, … [Read the full story]

Jamie Oliver teaches Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie how to cook

Jamie Oliver has been giving cookery lessons to Brad Pitt because he’s fed up relying on McDonalds. Apparently Angelina is no better in the kitchen…and you thought she’d have made some sort of effort with all the children that she has to feed. But of course, a Hollywood star doesn’t actually have to lift a finger. … [Read the full story]

Four reasons not to marry

Let’s get straight to it…here are four reasons why you shouldn’t marry. 1. You’ve met your soul mate: The “soul mate” model of marriage, for love rather than practical reasons, is seen as harmful by some researchers. They say only high income earners can really afford the luxury of marrying for love. The rest need … [Read the full story]

Stupid Poms open Sesame to cash

Two weeks ago, America gave $20 million to produce a Pakistani version of Sesame Street. Britain also made an offer of their own. They offered around $900 million…yes that’s right, it’s not a typo error…$900 million in aid to Pakistan’s government to improve schools. I wonder which will do more to educate poor Pakistani children? … [Read the full story]

Mother shoots her mouthy children

In America, a mother shot her two children. A boy aged 13 and a girl of 16 were shot by their mother in Tampa, Florida. Apparently she did it because they were being ‘mouthy’.

Women who feel guilty

Are you one of the GAT (Guilty All the Time) ­generation? Do you ­reproach yourself each day for failing to spend enough time with your family, for neglecting your friends or for having eaten unhealthily? Did you feel remorse, the Christmas just gone, for not having been nicer to your mother or for not having … [Read the full story]

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