Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

Outside smoking a cigarette, minding my own business feeling that sweet poison course through my veins when some drudge from my office walks past with the oh so witty comment, “You know if you keep smoking you’re going to die”. I paused took another drag and replied in what I thought was a perfectly reasonable … [Read the full story]

Vladimir Putin will ban all smoking in Russia

Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, wants to kick smokers’ butts by introducing the harshest cigarette laws ever conceived by a government. The clean living, fitness freak loathes people smoking around him and wants everyone in his country to snub out their filthy habit. Under plans to rid Russia of tobacco once and for all, anyone born … [Read the full story]

Is it 3rd time lucky, as Ronnie marries again

Rolling Stone, Ronnie Wood 65, and 34-year-old theatre producer Sally Humphreys said “I do” in a ceremony at London’s Dorchester Hotel. Ronnie declared: “I’m feeling great”. The guitarist married Sally in a low-key ceremony attended by star pals. And Ronnie, whose band’s compilation album GRRR! was released last month, looked thrilled as the pair posed … [Read the full story]

Madonna’s naked photo goes under the hammer

A photo of Madonna smoking a cigarette naked in bed is going up for sale. The provocative image was taken by fashion photographer Steven Meisel but was never included in her controversial 1992 book Sex. The 1990 pic is expected to fetch over $7,000 when it goes under the hammer at Bonhams in New York … [Read the full story]

Cigarette ‘plain packaging’ law passes Senate

Laws banning brand labels on cigarette packaging have been passed by the Australian Senate, their last key hurdle before coming into effect. The move removes brand colours and logos from cigarette packaging. Instead, cigarettes will be sold in olive green cartons with graphic images warning of the consequences of smoking. The legislation now returns to … [Read the full story]

Davo’s quote of the day

“Why is it you can sue McDonalds for being fat, you can sue cigarette companies for getting cancer…but you can’t sue Jim Beam for having sex with rotten-ugly girls”

What happens after sex?

What do you want to do straight after sex? Research shows women want a cosy chat and cuddle while men typically want a drink, a cigarette or anything they think might lead to a repeat performance. The moral of the story is…’If you want a second encounter guys, up the pillow talk and tender touching’…then … [Read the full story]