Doris Day releases ‘speed garage’ album

A friend of mine once ejected a music audio tape that was playing in my car, and threw it out of the window as we were travelling around 130 kph. We were quite drunk, and to be fair, there wasn’t much of a musical choice to play. But he ejected a classic artist, an icon … [Read the full story]

Add Big Audio Dynamite to ‘reformed bands’ list

When Big Audio Dynamite played recently in Manchester, England, it was more than a nostalgic trip down memory lane…it was a history in musical innovation. It’s a long way from Australia to Pommieland, but I just had to make this trip to see B.A.D. I hoped it would be worth it…and it was. Although the … [Read the full story]

Dad-rocker Dave Grohl…hero or bitch?

The Foo Fighters made their latest album in Dave Grohl’s garage…so he could feed his kids and take them to nursery in between recording sessions. But despite being immersed in bottles and wet wipes, the doting dad is adamant he’s still rock ‘n’ roll. He says, “I always wanted to be a parent but I … [Read the full story]