Crash victim was distracted by boobs

A motorist who claims his car was rammed in a car parking dispute can only remember one distinctive feature about the other driver – her boobs. Police in San Francisco are struggling to solve the case with just a detailed description of the woman’s cleavage to go on. The distracted man claims his car was … [Read the full story]

College girls get their Twits out

College girls in America have sparked a new Twitter craze of posting cleavage shots while wearing their college sports teams’ strips. Busty babes from the University Of Kansas sparked the ‘KUBoobs’ trend – which is also known by the hashtag #boobment. And now there are hundreds of examples across the web of supporters showing their … [Read the full story]

Who’ll be Ozzie News ‘She’s hot 2012’ – vote now

Hello and welcome to the first, and hopefully many, She’s hot 2012. This is where you all get the chance to vote for who you think was, and is, the hottest babe on Ozzie News for 2012. The criteria is anything you want it to be. You may like the artistic pose, the quality of … [Read the full story]

Sex yourself up and reap the rewards

Any woman worth her salt knows she’s supposed to wear matching underwear — but the truth is that most of us are more Bridget Jones than Brigitte Bardot when it comes to lingerie. There is hope for us yet, though, since a recent poll suggests women are making more of an effort. One boutique has … [Read the full story]

Coco shows photos of her naked with her baby

Coco is famous for having more than an ample curves and she has certainly taken part in more than her fair share of racy photoshoots. Having made a living from posing in bikinis and showing off her cleavage, the 32-year-old, who is married to rapper-turned-actor Ice-T, is a dab hand at working it for the … [Read the full story]

Imogen waking up next to Miss Thomas

She’s a previous winner of Miss Wales and it’s easy to see why. Imogen Thomas used all of her feminine charm to strike several seductive poses during a photoshoot for her 2012 calendar in Marbella, Spain. In two different bikinis Imogen showcased the fantastic physique she has acquired through dedicating hours to visiting the gym. … [Read the full story]

Kim Kardashian’s tits defy gravity

She insists she hasn’t had plastic surgery, but Kim Kardashian was undeniably defying gravity as she stepped out without a bra. A sheer panel in her grey and black dress displayed more than a hint of her abundant cleavage, which showed no sign of sagging. While admitting to using Botox, the reality star has previously … [Read the full story]