Buford Balony’s “Rugby is better than Gay F L”, NRL round up

This sure is better than that woosy’s game, Gay F L…and I don’t mean our Agony Angel Woosy Balaska…she’s a lot tougher than all Gay F L players. Even my boy Cleedus would smash most AFL players…hell…I’m sure he’s take on the whole of the West Coast Eagles without even breaking into a sweat! It’s … [Read the full story]

Buford comes home

To my many millions of fans,I’m home.Your award winning sports writer has moved back to Australia. I’ve been living in Alabama for the last few years & thought where in Oz is the place with the most in-bred,teeth missing,2 headed people(apart from Tassie) & rednecks.The only place could be Collie WA.I’m going to hunt the … [Read the full story]

Harpo had the biggest bra I’d ever seen!

Yeeeehaaaaaaa! How are ya? It’s me, Buford Balony. My ex-girlfriend, Harpo is comin’ to Australia very soon. Now the name Harpo might not sound like a feminine name, but let me tell ya, she was very, very feminine. She sure is a wonderful person. Hell, she used to work in the grocer shop in Nashville … [Read the full story]

Buford Balony says…I lurve lingerie footy

YEEEEEHHAAAA!! Yep, it’s me, Buford Balony. And I must say that it’s great talking to you, my Australian cousins…yeeeehaaaa! Here in the good ol U,S of A, we have this thing, and may God strike me down as I tell ya, you won’t believe it. WOMEN PLAYING AMERICAN FOOTBALL! and they’re playin with nuthin much … [Read the full story]

Buford says…AFL sucks

Yeeeeehaaaaa! My name’s Buford Balony and I’m a Wests Tigers supporter. You know, I just lurve tigers. If I’m not watching them, if I’m not dreaming about them, then I’m eatin’them. That’s right, me and my boy Cleedus go out a huntin’ and we go and catch ourselves a Tiger. We’re not too good at … [Read the full story]