Cliff Richard kills plants

Playing a constant diet of heavy metal music helps plants to bloom, it appears, but Sir Cliff kills them. A leading gardener has said playing a catalogue of Sir Cliff’s greatest hits to plants could in fact kill them off. Chris Beardshaw, from Gardeners’ Question Time, claimed different genres of music would encourage plants to … [Read the full story]

Tommy Taylor’s SRU

What a week it’s been. Celtic robbed in Spain and a budget robs everyone else. How we still give millions of dollars to foreign countries and spend millions more on infrastructure and boat people. How much did we get from Carbon Tax? Still don’t know! Well, spend it anyway. Perhaps we should have a poll … [Read the full story]

It’s only 3 months until the Oscars

Yes fans, only three months until we select our best films and actors to win an Oscar. Its been another drab year for dreary films and poor scripts. After a remake received nominations for awards, last year. And as we expected we had even more remakes this year. Leading contender is Three Musketeers number forty nine. … [Read the full story]