Davo’s quote of the day

“Don’t spill battery acid down your clothes because you’ll ruin them”.

She’s hot – Miranda Kerr

Well, we’ve got a named beauty for you to feast your eyes on today. You will of course, need no introduction, as I am sure you would have seen Miranda Kerr many times before. She looks even better with no clothes on. I know it’s early on in the year, but Miranda will definitely be … [Read the full story]

Introducing the Naked Tightrope Walker

Hayley Ashburn tightrope walks across a 120ft drop at sunset without a safety harness…or clothes. Hayley, 24, crossed the line in Mai Leung, Thailand, with no gear, despite the fact that the water below was one foot deep. Top climber Hayley, from San Francisco, said she stripped off “to feel free, for the thrill and … [Read the full story]

Mary Quant is back in Chelsea…for a visit

Mary Quant is back in Chelsea, the place she put on the map half a century ago. Back then, England was swinging like a pendulum…it was all Twiggy and The Beatles; the dawn of a bright new mad, mod world. And Mary Quant was right at the beating heart of it all. From her King’s … [Read the full story]

Vivienne Westwood doesn’t flush

Eccentric fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood admitted that in her efforts to save the planet, she not only DOESN’T wash her clothes (she uses talc powder to soak up the sweat), but she doesn’t flush the toilet either. I don’t know what she pays her cleaner, but whatever it is…it’s not enough.

Fat fucks steal clothes in their own blubber

Two women in Oklahoma were stopped as they tried to smuggle $2,600 of clothing and accessories inside rolls of body fat. Ailene Brown, 28, and Shmeco Thomas, 37, were busted by a TJ Maxx employee as they tucked away FOUR pairs of boots, THREE pairs of jeans, a wallet and some gloves in the creases … [Read the full story]

I sleep naked

Call it being sexually hopeful mixed with trying to be comfortable and add a dash of hating to wear clothes. You’ve got a 35 year old with back-hair his wife won’t shave for him who occasionally gets sweaty-arse syndrome when he’s nervous sleeping like a neurotic bear. I remember in college when my roommate used … [Read the full story]

Adriana gets us ready for summer

You can tell that summer is in the air, all magazines are shedding their clothes and turning a hopeful eye towards the beach as the summer is looming over us. We love the stunning Adriana Lima, which is why we just have to show a lovely picture of her. Yes, I know, it’s absolutely shameless … [Read the full story]

Liz walks into clothes rail

Model Liz Hurley gave herself a black eye when she bumped into a clothes rail. Liz, 45, told followers on Twitter that she had suffered an injury in a New York hotel. She said that she’d walked into the end of a clothes rail and a big bruise was coming up by her right eye. … [Read the full story]


Dumped Keith Semkin, the half-arsed Hamburglar has been jailed for breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s house and burning her clothes worth over $8000. He also cooked himself some hamburgers. Keith William Semkin was drunk and then decided to destroy the property. This all happened on the same night that his ‘then’ girlfriend broke off their one-year … [Read the full story]

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