Is it Presidential Elect, Dallas or Neighbours

Reading the latest news about the Presidential Election reminds me of an episode of Dallas or even an episode of Neighbours. Only in  America can they elect a Trump and then spend hundreds of pages of news and TV coverage attacking the man they voted into office. It makes you proud to see democracy at work. … [Read the full story]

George Michael ‘skins-up’ a Royal Wedding song

Royal Wedding fans – the wait is over. Finally the biggest kept secret of the wedding of the year has been revealed – no it’s not who is designing Kate’s dress but actually the song George Michael has covered as a gift to the lucky bride and groom. The singer revealed last week that he … [Read the full story]

Jeremy Clarkson probably won’t be interviewed by Piers Morgan

Jeremy Clarkson was asked if he’d appear on Piers Morgan’s US chat show. Clarkson commented, “If CNN was recorded in my back garden I still wouldn’t be interviewed by Piers Morgan…I’m thrilled he has the means he’s 3,000 miles from where I am.” These gobby celebs have rubbed each other up the wrong way … [Read the full story]